Alsager Partnership launches Its First Memory Choir

Last week saw Alsager Partnership's first Memory Choir and was incredible fun for all those who attended.  

Singing in a choir is a great way to socialise and is good for our wellbeing in so many ways.  It lifts our spirits and reduces our stress levels - so it must be good!  This choir is for everyone whether you already enjoy singing or think you can’t sing - community singing is for you.

At each session, visitors will be invited to choose the type of songs they want to sing and we’ll produce a songbook of our favourites.

Fourteen people attended the first session of our Memory Choir at St Mary’s Church Alsager on 13th February, where ABBA, Elvis and Vera Lynn were on the programme!

The choir meets on the second Thursday of each month (we next meet on 12th March) in the McDonald Room of St Mary’s 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm. £2.50 including refreshments.

Daniel Keen (Choir Lead) said, ‘’Singing and music are a powerful tool; you can unearth memories and really change someone’s quality of life.  It is a real honour and privilege to lead this new initiative.’’

Members Of Alsagers Memory Choir
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